When Does Christmas Music Start On The Radio?

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If you look forward to the holiday season every year, you’ll be thrilled when the first Christmas tunes start playing on the radio. But when does Christmas music begin on the radio?

Scheduling Christmas music into a radio station’s playlist may be tricky. The guidelines might change from one year to the next and from one radio station’s format to another.

Here are the most common times for radio stations to play Christmas music. Have to find out!

When Does Christmas Music Start On The Radio?

In the US, most people agree that the actual countdown to Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving when radio stations play Christmas songs to get people in the holiday spirit. Some even begin the day after Halloween!

There are unspoken guidelines for Christmas music that are distinct to each region and nation.

Even though it is not against the rules to play Christmas music before the holiday season officially begins, many people believe doing so brings bad energy.

Around the first of December, Christmas music typically begins to be played throughout Canada, the UK, the US, and other parts of the world.

After Thanksgiving in the United States, radio stations can typically begin playing Christmas music.

Even a few radio stations are willing to start playing Merry music directly following the Halloween festival.

You might hear a few songs entering the playlists sooner than on regular days if you live in the United Kingdom, where some radio stations fight to become the first to play a holiday song.

When Do Christmas Tunes Begin?

When does Christmas music start on the radio

Throughout November, the occasional holiday song will typically become a presence on the regular radio playlists. Gradually, this will lead to all of our favorite songs airing nonstop throughout December.

The “Christmas countdown” broadcasts, in which radio stations play popular songs repeatedly while talking about the approaching holidays, are typically more prevalent in December.

Around the final week of November, you could notice a few regional radio stations launching a little earlier.

Sometimes, Xmas jingles will begin playing before the official radio carols. Jingles are commercials that increase audience engagement and a business’s chances of making money.

Your possibility of making a purchase increases the earlier a business informs you about its Holiday or festive sales.

What About Radio Stations Playing Christmas Music?

A few options are available if you’re looking for Xmas vibes in July, even though some people do not like listening to the same Christmas carols all year.

Instead of having a specific FM or AM schedule, most of the best holiday radio stations today broadcast only online.

It will be better to visit websites like those listed below if you’re attempting to determine which radio stations are playing Christmas songs in November:

  • Evergreen radio: It’s a digital broadcaster dedicated to playing nonstop, ad-free holiday music the whole year.
  • Radio Christmas: This station broadcasts stunning Christmas music, and volunteers run it to raise funds to aid Central American children in need.
  • North Pole radio: Another excellent web radio station dedicated to playing Xmas music nonstop for fans of the holiday season.

Nevertheless, if you can wait until mid-November, you will probably also hear holiday music on most regular radio stations.

How To Listen To Christmas Songs All Year Long?

With the development of network-based music platforms, music enthusiasts now have the freedom to listen to any song whenever they want.

As a result, folks who enjoy listening to Christmas music throughout the year have a vast diversity of selections to pick from them.

Streaming platforms

Utilizing a streaming service is one extremely well-liked technique. Any of the services listed here will have Christmas music.

Some of these may even have their own specially crafted playlists, whereas others will at least provide a diverse library for you to create your songs.

You may see them as listed below:

Internet Radio

Internet radio is another well-liked way many people choose to listen to Xmas music. Radio stations can transmit globally thanks to the connectivity offered by the internet, and some broadcast stations are only reachable online.

These online radio stations play free Christmas music 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The list below is the names of some radio stations:

  • North Pole Radio
  • Christmas FM
  • Christmas Oldies
  • Internet Radio Subscriptions
  • iHeartChristmas Playlist
  • AccuRadio Christmas

Free internet radio stations can be fantastic for enjoying Christmas music, but they sometimes do not provide the flexibility that allows you to listen when commuting.

In actuality, subscription services for internet radio are expanding quickly. Several of these services have a sizable network of AM or FM radio stations that function similarly to conventional radio.

  • TuneIn
  • SiriusXM
  • Pandora
  • LiveXLive

Why Did Christmas Music Begin So Soon In 2020?

Most radio stations usually start playing their holiday hits around December or late November, but this doesn’t always happen. Beginning in March 2020, they will broadcast Christmas music on radio stations around the United States.

The purpose of this festive music started to appear months before the holiday season is to lift moods.

In 2020, the epidemic brought about great suffering for individuals worldwide. Many of us, locked in our rooms, switched to the radio for comfort.

Radio hosts determined that songs designed to uplift the mood were the best approach to lead us to a more optimistic frame of mind.

The early holiday music didn’t start playing 24/7 until 2020. People often played only a few of the most popular songs on most channels, and they did so only occasionally, typically around 5:30 pm when individuals were leaving for work.

A surprising number of folks ended up enjoying the Christmas music during the pandemic because it made them feel less odd about missing work.

The music appealed to the front-line medical professionals, giving them something enjoyable to appreciate.

Many radio stations switched to holiday music at the start of November after the Christmas songs pandemic in March 2020.

In the US, some 80 stations began playing music earlier than expected in 2020.

Statistics About Holiday Music

When does Christmas music start on the radio

Statistics on music consumption from radio stations and streaming services are occasionally released to highlight trends among different groups of ages and their listening preferences.

Spotify published statistics for the fourth quarter of 2016 in 2017. According to this study by Spotify, those under 30 prefer to listen to Christmas music made by more trendy musicians because these songs bring them a fresh feeling of Christmas.

However, those over 30 typically choose the timeless oldies released between 1930 and 1970 simply because they want to remember the old days.

Studies have revealed that countries like Sweden and Norway typically stream the most Xmas songs yearly, while nations like Brazil usually stream the least.

As many songs relate to snow on the ground, a large part of this method has to do with the reality that nations with tropical weather do not get the winter season associated with Christmas.

Final Thoughts

When does Christmas music start on the radio? While there are a few dedicated Christmas stations that play holiday music year-round, the routine of most regular radio stations follows a set pattern.

However, there is a common belief in the United States that the actual Christmas countdown starts the day after Thanksgiving when radio stations play Christmas music to get people in the holiday mood. Some events even begin the day following Halloween!

Christmas music played loudly on the radio is sure to put a smile on the face of even the grumpiest listener. Find your favorite song and get ready to lose yourself in the festival!

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