What Instrument Does Kenny G Play? 2 Secret Reasons You May Not Know

Kenny G is well known for one particular instrument. So, what instrument does Kenny G play? He uses a soprano saxophone named Selmer Mark VI. He can also play the tenor and alto saxes.

Continue reading to discover more about the soprano saxophone, a signature instrument of Kenny G!

What Instrument Does Kenny G Play?

He uses the soprano saxophone named Selmer Mark VI. In addition to this one, he can also play the tenor saxes and alto.

Selmer introduced the soprano saxophone in 1954, and the jazz lads took to it immediately. It was manufactured up until 1981, although the instrument’s quality had declined.

They fell short of the originals in quality. However, it is a fantastic sax if you can obtain one early as Kenny has.

Kenny G claimed that the Saxophone he played on all the tracks he had ever recorded was the one he had used. He continued by saying that he has played this Saxophone in his shows.

He has also been utilizing it for his daily three hours of practice. He can also play the alto, tenor, bari, and bass saxes.

In addition, Kenny G said that he could decide if something is superior to what he has been using without having to try it out first. For him, the term “better” in the context of music is arbitrary.

Kenny G is a saxophonist. He is a guitar maestro, and his skill has earned him many accolades.

Although his smooth jazz style is most well-known, he is also skilled in other musical genres, including classical and pop.

The most notable songs of Kenny G, who has more than 20 albums to his credit, are “Forever in Love,” “Songbird,” and “The Moment.”

He has sold over 75 million records globally and received Grammy awards for his achievements. Many other artists have been affected by Kenny G’s saxophone playing in the jazz community and outside of it.

Why Does Kenny G Play The Saxophone?

He had his first saxophone lesson at age 10. Kenny G decided he would want to play the sax after seeing a person play it on a television program.

He acknowledged that the Saxophone’s playing style must have drawn him to this instrument. He said, “It seemed like the saxophone was talking to me.”

According to many people, the phrase “smooth jazz” was first used by Kenny G. Before he entered the music industry, this type of music didn’t exist.

The phrase was not invented by him but rather by others, and he only performed his music as he saw fit. It seems that many people like it.

Kenny is cautious about claiming exclusive ownership of this jazz genre’s invention. Although he may have had a significant role in it at first, he is not solely to blame.

Kenny G said that other saxophonists like Charlie Parker and Sonny Rollins influenced his sound.

What Are Kenny G Saxophones?

Kenny G manufactures his line of saxes. These saxophones are currently on the market in at least ten different models.

The Kenny G Concert Series Saxophones are specifically designed for use in his performances, thus the name “Concert Series.” These saxophones include gold-lacquered keys with the “Concert Series” emblem and silver-plated bodies.

You might say that the concert represents the pinnacle of the spectrum. Their bodies are silver plating, and their keys are covered with gold lacquer.

Kenny G explicitly created them to coordinate with contemporary saxophone keyboards. Players may transition between the alto, soprano, and tenor saxes more efficiently using these saxophones.

Sadly, there is just one of it remaining. The saxophones made by Kenny G are no longer available. Additionally, it is exclusively offered in the US.

Unfortunately, imitations of his saxophones are made and sold by Chinese businesses without Kenny G’s consent.

To be sure customers are purchasing authentic saxophones rather than replicas, he encourages purchasers to ask dealers whether the instruments are produced in mainland China or Taiwan.

Successful musicians in any industry sometimes have a branded version of their style. He has created and produced a range of saxophones just for Kenny G.


Does Kenny G play the oboe?

For Liberace, Kenny G took a week to master the oboe. In this exclusive clip from Feherty, airing Mondays at 9 PM ET on Golf, Kenny G tells the tale of learning to play the oboe in only one week to perform with Liberace.

What instrument does Kenny G play on Songbird?

The third single from Kenny G’s 1986 album Duotones is the soprano sax-driven tune “Songbird.”

Which instrument is Kenny G best known for playing?

The soprano, alto, and tenor saxes that Kenny G uses are Selmer Mark VI instruments. Kenny G Saxophones, his brand of saxophones, was founded by him.

What instrument does Kenny G play forever in love?

Saxophonist Kenny G’s instrumental song “Forever in Love” was made available in 1993. Kenny G composed and produced the music, included on the album Breathless.

What is the difference between a clarinet and a soprano saxophone?

At first appearance, the soprano saxophone and the clarinet seem similar, although they are fundamentally separate instruments. The clarinet is cylindrical to start.

It is primarily a straight cylinder. However, sometimes, it seems to bulge somewhat near the center. On the other hand, the soprano saxophone is a cone that becomes wider with time.

Is Selmer Mark VI the best?

The Selmer Mark VI was either the most outstanding sax money could buy during its 20-year lifespan or among the best. A more contemporary horn will perform with more constant intonation, which is another fact.

Particularly notable is the Mark VI alto’s severely out-of-tune bottom register.

What is the value of a Selmer Mark VI?

Prices for Selmer Mark VI saxophones have increased significantly over the last 20 years, reaching as much as [USD 16,000].

How do you identify Selmer Mark VI?

The engraving on the French-assembled Mark VI often has a butterfly and floral design and continues to the bow.

Other than the brand stamp, some Mark VIs made in France are unengraved.

Among the French-assembled horns were keys with lacquer-finished bodies and nickel or silver plating.

Does Selmer still make Saxophone?

Today, Selmer Paris is a top producer and the instrument of choice for clarinet and saxophone specialists. The fourth generation of the Selmer family is in charge of the business, which is still hand-made in Paris.

Where are Selmer instruments made?

Today, Selmer Paris is a top producer and the instrument of choice for clarinet and saxophone specialists. The fourth generation of the Selmer family is in charge of the business, which is still hand-made in Paris.

Final Thoughts

The soprano saxophone named Selmer Mark VI is the instrument that Kenny G plays. He can also play the tenor and alto saxes.

Additionally, he has developed Kenny G Saxophones, his brand of saxophones.

So you can respond to the question, “What instrument does Kenny G play?” You’ll be able to identify the instrument Kenny G is playing when you see him performing his well-known, calming tunes.

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