10 Songs That Start With The Letter J

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Songs That Start With The Letter J

The letter J might be a simple letter in the English alphabet but can be very meaningful if it is used in a song. Mostly, the songs that start with the letter J tackle love and friendship. They are in the form of a verb while others are using it to come up with a name that starts with J and use it as a title for the song. 

Moreover, it only entails that this amazing letter is a good element to start when it comes to songwriting. Always remember that great ideas start with a single letter. It is evident in the great songs that we have right now as most of them start with the letter J. To give you an idea of the songs that start with J, we’ll give you the top 10 of those songs.

1. Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

A guy who is admiring a very beautiful girl would want her to stay as she is. The natural beauty of the girl is the reason why the guy was mesmerized. He would want to emphasize beauty by always telling her how wonderful her physical appearance is. If we read the song between the lines, the song also emphasizes that simplicity is the true essence of a woman’s beauty.

2. Just One Last Time by David Guetta

Seeking another chance in a relationship that is on the brink of collapse is what this song is all about. There is no assurance that the relationship will be saved but the guy is still taking chances even if the chances are slim. Furthermore, there is nothing bad in trying as saving a relationship can mean a lot especially if the person at stake is the one you want to spend a lifetime with.

3. Jack of All Trades by Bruce Springsteen

The man will usually do everything to capture the heart of the woman that he likes to get intimate with. This song is the manifestation of the things that a man can do voluntarily for a woman. The composer did a good job of enumerating those tasks in this song. It entails that men should exert an effort in courting women. Aside from the great message that this song conveys, listeners will also enjoy how the music was arranged as it can be the best song to chill on a weekend.

4. Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) by The Pussycat Dolls

Searching for your special someone can be a very satisfying task but sometimes can lead to frustration. Once you have found the love of your life, you will probably do everything to keep that person. Sustaining a relationship could be harder that is why spicing things up is the answer. In this song, you’ll definitely see the optimism that a person is sure enough that a specific person is already the one that he or she could spend a lifetime with.

5. James Dean by Eagles

If you are an avid Hollywood fan, most probably you’ll remember James Dean as one of the most handsome actors of all time. Sadly, the popular actor died at a very young age due to a car accident. This left a lot of fans in grief. Having said so, the Eagles have dedicated a song solely to the early demise of James Dean. This is definitely a great song that will remind us of the awesome looks and acting prowess of James Dean.

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6. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

Love is all that matters when it comes to life. Without love, the world will be just a space that is empty and pale. The composer of this song reminds us that a jar of hearts could really save the world, particularly with broken relationships and families. It is a symbol that every heart counts when it comes to a perfect relationship. 

7. Joan of Arc by Madonna

The vulnerability of a man is the biggest weakness of a mortal body. We tend to feel various emotions that sometimes let us down due to various reasons. The song depicts St. Joan of Arc as a superhuman as she was able to conquer all odds during her time.  The main character in the song was portraying that she has uncertainties in life and doubts if she will be able to surpass them in any way. Furthermore, this song depicts the humility of the protagonist in the song.

8. Just For You by Lionel Richie

Loneliness kills that is why it is important that this problem must be addressed well to avoid it from worsening. It can lead to depression or even death once it is taken for granted. Life can be very difficult after breakups. A huge number of people who are in a relationship already experienced breakups. Some of them have inflicted emotional damage from their undesirable experience in their past relationships. However, the positive thing is that despite all of the bad experiences, the protagonist of the song is still open to reconciliation.

9. Just In Love by Joe Jonas

Loving a girl who is definitely out of your league can be a very tedious task to do. However, there are still men who are brave enough to conquer those odds because of love. In this song, the guy proves that love knows no boundaries and that everything is possible if true love is present. Even though problems might arise, the ultimate belief that being in love is the most superior feeling could truly help when it comes to dealing with challenges.

10. Just Keep Breathing by We the Kings

As long as you are still breathing, there is still life left in you. On top of that, there will be problems along the road and you have to deal with them. The problems range from mild to severe and could lead to an emotional breakdown if self-confidence is compromised. This song could help uplift the spirits of people who are stressed and helpless in times of trouble. 


When it comes to songs, the first word actually gives an impression of what the song is all about. The first word will only be there if it is supplied with the right letter. Moreover, the letter J is a very common letter that is used in songs compared to the letters X (Songs That Start With The Letter X) and Q (Songs That Start With The Letter Q). This only entails that you can discover a lot of songs that start with J. We gave you the top 10 Songs That Start With The Letter J  and it is a good starting point if you want to know more songs that start with that letter in case you want to feed your curiosity.