10 Best Songs by Volbeat

If there is one band that has secured its place on the global music scene of the 21st century, it is the Volbeat. It is unlikely any music fan will mention 5 favorite songs by prominent bands without mentioning some Volbeat popular songs.

This band, well known for its unique mix of heavy metal and other popular sounds, has continued to expand its fan base across and beyond Europe, not just because its tunes are captivating, but also because its song lyrics are relatable. You just need to sample a few of their popular songs to know why the band’s name is on everyone’s lips.

10 Best Songs by Volbeat

1. For Evigt

One of the best Volbeat songs is “For Evigt”, a song contained in the album “Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogie” that was released in 2016 as the band’s sixth.

‘Evigt’, which is Danish, means ‘forever’ in English. Hence when Johan Olsen, the featured Danish vocalist, belts out the lyrics that point to fond memories and not wishing to let go, many people can relate. In fact, many of the other 16 songs in the same album are just as relatable, some more than others.

This number, which at some point topped the Danish Rock charts, is one of those that marked the band’s trajectory to international fame.

2. The Devil’s Bleeding

While “For Evigt” is Number 3 on the album, “Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogie”, “The Devil’s Bleeding” is Number 1. This speaks volumes about what the band members thought of the song’s potential popularity at the time of production.

Not surprisingly, this number has proven to be one of Volbeat’s most popular Rock songs, even rising to Number 1 on the Billboards under mainstream Rock sounds. It still reminds Volbeat’s fans of the band members’ history of hard metal music.

3. Fallen

Besides the calming beats of the song, “Fallen”, there are the words that inevitably captivate anyone that has experienced loss. The delivery of this song, which was written in honor of the father of one of Volbeat’s founder members, Michael Poulsen, is superb.

When this song that is contained in the album, “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”, was released in 2010, it remained among the top chart numbers for several weeks in many European countries, including Germany, Austria, Sweden, Finland, and, of course, Denmark. It has since become a global classic.

4. The Garden Tale

“The Garden Tale” is another of Volbeat’s touching songs. It conveys the universal theme of loss, where the vocalist expresses nostalgic memories of a loved one. One of the endearing marks of this song that is part of the album, “Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil”, is its cool but deep delivery.

If you were trying to handle the heavy emotions of loss, this song would soothe your heart and lull your restless mind to sleep. It is as sentimental today as it was when it was released in 2007.

5. Maybelline I Hofteholder

Not all songs by Volbeat are attempts at soothing hurting souls. Some, like “Maybelline I Hofteholder” bring out a crazy club vibe.

Here is a stalker, as portrayed in this song from the “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” album, who is obsessed with a woman stripper named Maybellene. He confesses he will go to any lengths to catch her attention, and to actually get her to dance at his usual table – No.45.

Besides the aura of celebration created by the choice of lyrics, the heavy fusion of hyped guitar chords and exemplary drumming ferries the listener to that carefree world so many long for. 

6. Still Counting

“Still Counting” is another of Volbeat’s popular songs contained in the album, “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood”. Although many people did not seem to take note of its incredible tune when it was first released in 2008, its popularity picked up after it was released again in the 2010 album, “Beyond Hell/Above Heaven”.

By 2012, the song’s popularity had soared to the extent of the number topping the Rock Chart Billboard of US mainstream music. In a nutshell, the song complains about someone with the ‘holier than thou’ attitude, an experience that many people can relate to.

7. Lola Montez

The song, “Lola Montez”, is another of Volbeat’s songs that topped the US music Billboard sometime after its release. It is contained in the album, “Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies”. The uniqueness of this song lies in the ‘happy-go-lucky’ club vibe it gives, with the singer’s eyes focused on a beauty who danced in a sensual and alluring manner.

The song is said to be based on a real-life personality, an Irish dancer who was at one time the mistress of Bavaria’s King Ludwig the first.

8. Rebound

Volbeat decided to create something in memory of a drummer by the name of Brandon Carlisle, who had played with them when their band, Teenage Bottlerocket, tagged along during one of Volbeat’s music tours.

Although it was a sad moment when Volbeat learned of Carlisle’s passing in 2015, the song they produced in his honor, “Rebound”, that was actually a version of another of Teenage Bottlerocket’s songs by a similar name, had an upbeat vibe. The song, which was released in 2016, proved to be popular with fans of the two bands.

9. Sad Man’s Tongue

The “Sad Man’s Tongue” from the album, “Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil” is another of Volbeat’s most popular songs. The rebellion of a young man depicted in the song is a universal theme. Despite finding himself in and out of jail, the man is determined to continue enjoying life especially playing his guitar.

Fans can relate to the man’s resilience, and the danceability of the song is at a special level.

10. Evelyn

The song, “Evelyn”, is among the songs that lead music lovers to classify the Volbeat band as a heavy metal Rock band, although Michael Coulsen insists the band is very versatile.  Evelyn represents the kind of music Rock fans like to dance to at the end of an extremely busy week; letting their hair down.

As Michael Coulsen said in a 2011 interview, it was a joy being able to have Mark Greenway of the Napalm Death band sing with them in Evelyn, as metal bands had had a great influence on him as he grew up.

As for Evelyn’s lyrics, they convey some form of self-conflict that people often have to deal with, sometimes in matters of religion.

In short, it is not just the fusion of varied beats in Volbeat popular songs that captivates fans; it is also the relatable themes.

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