10 Songs About Silence

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They say that the noises that we hear in the outside world indicate that we are still alive and kicking. But how about getting too much of those noises on a daily basis? Mostly, the outcome of getting exposed to such noises is STRESS.

Moreover, the solution to this is listening to music that talks about silence. It will help your mind wander to a whole new realm. There are songs that tackle silence from various perspectives. While listening to them you’ll find yourself dwelling with a perfect version of the world around you where there is love and serenity.

To give you an insight into the best songs about silence that you can make use of, here are some examples that you will surely love:

10 Songs About Silence

1. “The Sounds Of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel

Introverts are always a part of society. They usually get uncomfortable when exposed to a lot of people including in a noisy environment. This is the reason why introverts need something that will calm their mind, especially in such situations.

The Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel is definitely the right choice of song for introverts. It gives some sort of hope to introverts that everything will be fine and someday, they will find someone that will truly understand their thoughts and behaviors.

2. Silence by PJ Harvey

Searching for your true identity can be a daunting task to do. The fast pace world that we have could be the primary setback when it comes to soul searching. This song is a reminder that distractions only lead us in pondering on unnecessary things. It is for people who want to embark on a journey to overcome an identity crisis situation. Once you have conquered the crisis within you, you will realize that it is worth the wait.

3. When I Go Deaf by Low

This is all about a person who is so exhausted from his relationship. As a result, he would want to be a deaf person all of a sudden after realizing that silence is the key to a fruitful relationship. It all comes to minimizing the arguments that are brought about by too much talking. It only entails that less talk means fewer mistakes when it comes to relationships.

The singer of this song actually relates this masterpiece to his own experience. He reveals that the feelings for her were still there despite all of the things that happened.

4. A Quiet Place by Garnet Mimms

The combination of cleverness and being emotional are the most common feelings that you will get from this song. Listening to this song while trying to sleep is highly recommended. The serenity of the lyrics can surely be a treat for someone who has a very occupied mind. 

5. Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode

There is nothing better than reinventing yourself. As we grow older, we realize that there are wrong decisions that we have made in the past. This song is making the impossible happen even just in your imagination. In the end, you will realize that silence is more desirable than a noisy environment. Always remember that we can think of great solutions if we have peace of mind and one way of achieving it is by taking a deep breath and appreciating the sound of silence.

6. No Surprises by Radiohead

The world that we are living in right now is all about fame and money. The high society is the one that controls everything. Moreover, the singer would want to emphasize that things will not change suddenly but with stillness and perseverance, everything is possible. In life, there will be full of surprises and it is up to us how we will take them. The writer of this song has definitely experienced a lot in life and insights that are worthy of hearing.

7. Silence by Matiyashu

When it comes to the most popular songs about silence, Matiyashu might take the top spot. The pursuit of a genuine leader is the one that the singer is seeking. Changing the world is definitely one step closer if people will make a stand and use silence in the right forum. Silence will always make a difference once it is utilized properly but can be misunderstood by many as weak and helpless.

8. Quiet Storm by Mobb Deep

People are judged quickly based on their appearance and how they act. Most of the time, introverts are underestimated by extroverts solely because of being quiet. As a result, the whole potential of the person is not highlighted. The focus is more on the flaws of the person rather than the positive things about them. This song was made to showcase the potential of shy and quiet people as well as to enhance their confidence.

9. The Quiet One by The Who

Introverts are one of us. That is why it is their right not to be secluded in society. People usually think that they are inferior but in fact, every one of us is born equal. This song emphasizes the strong thoughts that silence can bring which at the same time empowers the timid and shy. It reminds everyone that once they are willing to showcase it to the world, nothing can stop them. Take note that a lot of the successful people in the world happen to be introverts. It only entails that silence has a lot to offer especially if the person has good intentions.

10. Silence Kit by Pavement

A very quiet kid is encouraged to speak up about his life. He is a newcomer in town and the singer would want to know more about him even if there are setbacks. This is so true for individuals who just came by a new surrounding will have a feeling of culture shock and this happens every time.

Shyness is the primary reason for this. As a matter of fact, many have the belief that the original name of the song was supposed to be Silent Kid instead of Silent Kit.


Silence can be heartbreaking and mysterious at times. People who are really bound by silence often do not share their thoughts which is why they are misunderstood by many songs about silence could literally remove those limits by tickling the imaginative minds that we have. 

In the future, the world must realize that the importance of silence must never be taken away. It is a great escape that anyone would want from the noisy and stressful world that we have. Although there will still be problems ahead but as long as you know how to use the power of silence, you’ll surely be able to come up with solutions.

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