10 Songs About Hurricanes

Hurricanes have been a popular subject in the music industry for a long time, and you’ll find country, rock, and pop songs about them. Storms and hurricanes are forces to be reckoned with, and they can cause injuries, property damage, power outages, etc.

These moments are not the best, you might feel low, discouraged, or sometimes sad. The good news is that there are various hurricane songs to encourage, motivate, and entertain you as you go through these testing times. These songs allow us to express our emotions safely and healthily and understand what we’re feeling. Here is a list of the 10 best songs about hurricanes to keep you company.

 10 Songs About Hurricanes

1. Rock you like a hurricane by Scorpions

Released: February 7, 1984

Genre: Hard rock, Heavy metal

Album: Love at First Sting

Resented by: Scorpions

Rock you like a hurricane is a signature song of the West German rock band The Scorpions. This banger managed to get in the US Billboard Hot 100 at the 25 positions, contributing to its worldwide recognition. You’ll love how the perfect combination of hair metal, heavy metal, hard rock, and arena rock is featured.

This rock anthem is perfect for intimate moments since it discusses sexuality, craziness, and attitude. It is possible to hear and interpret the song differently than another person. However, rock you like a hurricane is a powerful jam that keeps your adrenaline pumping.

2. Hurricane Drunk by Florence and The Machine

Released: August 26, 2009

Genre: Pop, R&B/Soul

Album: Lungs

Resented by: Florence + the Machine

Hurricane Drunk is a song that echoes all the emotions you feel when heartbroken. Florence Welch wrote the song after going through a breakup with her boyfriend at the time. The gospel-influenced layers featured in the song are what you need to accept and keep going through tough times in life. No matter the situation you’re undergoing, Florence shows that everything can get better.

3. Hurricane by Luke Combs

Released: October 3, 2016

Genre: Country music

Album: This One’s for You

Resented by: Luke Combs

Luke Combs narrates how damaging the narrator’s encounter was with a former lover. He compares the experience to a Hurricane that destroyed his inner peace. Hurricane occupied the number three spot on the Billboard Top 100 Country song.

We can all relate to Luke’s experience of getting over his former lover, then the girl shows back, and he falls for her beauty again. There’s no better companion than this track, a combination of new school and nineties country music that includes electronic beats.

4. Hurricane by Bob Dylan

Released: November 1975

Genre: Classic Rock

Album: Desire

Resented by: Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan describes the hurricanes facing the man who’s a victim of racism and profiling. The song is about the struggles and imprisonment of middleweight boxer Carter as he faces a false trial and conviction. These are some of the ‘hurricanes’ life throws us, and we must stay strong to overcome them.

This jam is Bob Dylan’s noticeable piece that highlights the inadequacies of the American justice system. The song advocates for equality, understanding, and justice; it is the perfect empowerment source anytime you feel small.

5. Trying to reason with the hurricane season by Kenny Chesney featuring Jimmy Buffet

Released: Jul 27, 2018

Genre: Country music

Album: Songs for the Saints

Resented by: Kenny Chesney ft Jimmy Buffet

Kenny Chesney is an eight time Entertainer of the Year award winner in the country music category. Jimmy Buffet is an American singer, songwriter, and author known for his music that portrays an island escapism lifestyle. The two combined their talents and created this masterpiece that questions the hurricane season.

The song relates how the narrator struggles to battle the demons in his head and the severe big storms. Trying to reason with the hurricane season depicts the real-life hurdles in life that affect our physical and mental states.

6. Hurricane by Halsey

Released: Oct 17, 2014

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Pop

Album: Badlands

Resented by: Halsey

Hurricane by Halsey is a track about avoiding attachments to lovers and locations. Instead, Halsey takes us on a personal trip in her life and her encounters with her friend Zach. The song is about a girl who falls for a guy who takes advantage of her and makes everything on her. However, she manages to withstand all the hurricanes and changes her perspective on life. Hurricane is a particular song showing us that no matter how attached you were to your home, neighbors, or friends, moving on is okay since you need yourself the most.

7. Hurricane by The Fray

Released: Jan 14, 2014

Genre: Pop

Album: Helios

Resented by: The Fray

Here is a track by the American rock band, The Fray. Hurricane by The Fray is a song that metaphorically compares the girl’s beauty to a hurricane. The song is about the narrator acknowledging the undying love for this girl h has a crush on. It is perfect for you and your loved one to listen to spark the feeling of love. This track is also a good dedication song to a lover staying far away for various reasons.

8. Like a hurricane by Neil Young

Released: August 8, 1977

Genre: Alternative/Indie, Rock, Pop

Album: Decade

Resented by: Neil Young

Neil Young wrote the song ‘Like a Hurricane’ at one of his lowest points. He wrote the song in July 1975, with the help of his friend La Honda, as he was unable to sing since he had undergone an operation on his vocal cords. The song talks about the intense desire and longing for a special girl in his life. Young compares the girl’s beauty to a hurricane, and he finds calmness in her eyes. This is another great song to ignite the spark between you and your better half.

9. Surfing in a Hurricane by Jimmy Buffet

Released: December 8, 2009

Genre: Rock, Country

Album: Buffet Hotel

Resented by: Jimmy Buffet

Surfing in a Hurricane is a song released by Jimmy Buffet at a time when Hurricane Florence was about to hit. The song is about Jimmy wanting to join the Folly Beach suffers for one last time before the hurricane. This song motivates us to be courageous and not to be afraid to face storms and hurricanes before. As much as it might seem dangerous, Jimmy encourages us to respect mother nature and heed the advice provided by the authorities. The song narrates a real-life experience of Jimmy Buffet, which many of us can relate to regarding a hurricane season.

10. After the storms by Mumford and Sons

Released: October 2, 2009

Genre: Pop, German Pop, Rock

Album: Sigh No More

Resented by: Mumford & Sons

After the storms by Mumford and Sons is a hit about dealing with the aftermath of personal hardship. The song uses the aftermath of a storm metaphorically to express the individual battles we face in life. It spreads the message of not giving up, no matter what, since there comes a time when there will be no more tears. Mumford and Sons motivate you to face your hardships since there is a reward at the end, “with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.”

Bottom Line

There you have it! These are some of the best songs that hurricanes have inspired. The next time a hurricane is about to hit your area, don’t forget to blast one of these tunes and enjoy the moment. Every message in these songs is significant, and they will stay with you long after the hurricane has passed. You can also dedicate some of these songs to your loved ones and make them feel special.

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