10 Songs about Blood

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10 Best Songs about Blood

Musicians are among the most creative artists in existence, and for that reason, they are able to convert an otherwise scary or sensitive term into something casual or even interesting. This is the case with the word “blood”, which people are likely to associate with accidents or even death.

Some musicians have made blood the theme of their songs, and some have proved to be very popular with music fans. Here are some of the best songs about blood.

10 Songs about Blood

1. In My Blood

One of the most popular songs by the singer, Shawn Mendes, is “In My Blood”. The singer laments that he is in a state of desperation, and he hopes someone is going to call him at that moment, but such a call does not materialize.

He, nevertheless, reassures himself that much as he feels frustrated and miserable, it is not in his blood to give up. It was not until Mendes released this song that many of his fans realized he suffered from an anxiety disorder. This song continues to gain popularity in the US and elsewhere, probably because of his show of resilience in the face of a little understood health condition, and also because mental health has become a great concern for many people across the globe.

2. Bad Blood

Taylor Swift, whose feud with Kim Kardashian’s billionaire husband became fodder for the US media sometime in the 2000s, was born in 1989 in the US state of Pennsylvania. She released the song, “Bad Blood”, in 2015, as the fourth song on the album named “1989”.

Her natural singing talent was noted when she was very young, and she was even able to capture the attention of a crowd of basketball fans during a game in Philadelphia, at around the age of twelve when she beautifully performed the National Anthem.

Though she told Rolling Stone that Bad Blood is about the general experience of losing a friendship, she also confessed it was inspired by a betrayal she experienced from a female friend who poached employees from her business.

3. Blood on Blood

“Blood on Blood”, a song by Bon Jovi, is reminiscent of a time when friends were loyal to one another; when close friends shared a bond that was almost closer than natural brotherhood. Such individuals knew within themselves that they had to be there for one another in times of need, no matter how difficult the circumstances might be.

The song lyrics are literally about having such lasting friendships, and markedly cutting one another’s hands so that their blood can mix and bind them to their covenant. The singer cites the example of such a friendship that he had with his childhood friends, one named Danny and the other, Bobby.

4. Message in Blood

The song, “Message in Blood”, sung by Pantera, is based on a real-life character known as Mansen, who infamously caused the death of several people, including a budding actress by the name of Sharon Tete. Mansen had formed a cult that apparently poisoned the minds of his followers. Earlier on, he had tried his hand at music, after a chance meeting with Dennis Wilson, one of the members of the popular rock bands of the time, Beach Boys.

Although Mansen was imprisoned and ended up dying in incarceration at the age of 83, the Texas-based metal band, Pantera, chooses to play the devil’s advocate in this song and insists that every individual has free will. Hence, those who executed the heinous killings should have borne the blame – and not Mansen.

5. Bloodstains

A US band formed in 1979 in the state of California, whose music fell under what was termed “punk-rock”, gained widespread fame after the release of their song, “Blood Stains”. This band’s name is “Agent Orange”.

In Bloodstains, the lead singer and guitarist, Mike Palm, expresses the frustration he went through living in the ever-changing modern society. He felt he was retrogressing in life. and saw very little hope, if any, of making his life better. In fact, at times he was so frustrated that thoughts of committing homicide creeped into his mind.

Nevertheless, despite the hard times portrayed in the song, the band was a success and continued to release music that resonated with its fans. In choosing the name, Agent Orange, the band members had been inspired by the fact that they lived in California’s Orange country, and also by the infamous use of some color-coded defoliant by the US military to destroy the enemy’s vegetation during the Vietnam War.

6. Blood on the Motorway

The singer of “Blood on the Motorway”, DJ Shadow, is known for his penchant for trying out different music genres. Among those he has sampled are jazz, funk, psychedelic music, soul, and others.

According to DJ Shadow, the theme of the song is an attempt to understand the process of death and the experience of the afterlife itself. Responding to a fan who had inquired as to the meaning of the song, Shadow says he is aware the theme is an emotional one, but he has forced himself to address it even in some of his other songs.

7. Blood Money

“Blood Money”, is a song by a Jamaican known as Protoje, who was born in 1981. The music of this prolific musician whose parents were also musicians is a blend of different genres, which include hip-hop, jazz, and soul.

In Blood Money, Protoje decries the use of ill-gotten money by prominent people, among them politicians, to gain fame and popularity. According to some of the prestigious US magazines like Vogue and Rolling Stone, Protoje is one of Jamaica’s most brilliant musicians.

8. The Blood

“The Blood”, by the group, “Cure”, is one song that is not only nice to listen to for its clear lyrics and beautiful vocals, but also for its calming tone.

This band, which was formed in West Sussex in Britain in 1976, worked under the name “Easy Cure” until 1978 when they adopted the name “Cure”, a truncation of their original name.

The song is about a man remembering a past love relationship, a love whose nice feeling, he says is not easy to forget. According to Robert Smith, one of Cure’s members, the name blood should not be taken literally, because it was inspired by a cheap drink known as “Tears of Christ”, which he came across while in Portugal. He says he was fascinated by the picture on the drink bottle label, of Jesus being held by his mother in one hand as she holds a bottle of the drink in the other.

9. Blood Bank

“Blood Bank” is a song of love, where the singer, Bon Iver, recalls a conversation he had with his lover as they watched blood bags with different names on them. In the song he alludes to the difficulty young ones usually have in opening up about their feelings.

Bon Iver’s delivery of the message is superb, as he not only has a rich and steady voice but also a great articulation of his words. Blood Bank is among many other songs by this singer that resonate well with people of all ages.

10. Blood Walk

The singer of the popular production, “Blood Walk”, is Keenon Dequan Ray Jackson, whose stage name is “YG”. In Blood Walk, he collaborated with singers Lil Wayne and D3szn, both who are music stars in their own right.  

YG not only portrays the all too familiar bloody life in the ‘hood’, but he also shows it is a lifestyle he and his buddies have learned to embrace; all with the substance smoking and the gun violence that it entails.

Evidently, not all songs about blood are ghastly or chilling. Whereas a good number of them focus on real life experiences, others use the word ‘blood’ simply as a manifestation of their poetic slicense.

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