Pioneer AVH 120BT Wiring Diagram – All Things You Need To Know

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Pioneer AVH 120BT wiring diagram

Nowadays, it is tough, even impossible, to find a car without a touchscreen. One significant advantage of having a touchscreen in your vehicle is it allows you to simplify operation while keeping your eyes on the way.

One of the touchscreens favored by drivers is the AVH-120BT receiver from Pioneer, which offers compelling but simple features to improve in-car entertainment. It enables you to use features like audio streaming, hands-free operation, or Bluetooth simply and quickly.

Today, we’ll help you simplify the installation of this handy touchscreen in your vehicle through a Pioneer AVH 120BT wiring diagram. Thanks to that, you can get the job done without the help of experts.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Overview

The Pioneer AVH-120BT receiver is one in-dash multimedia receiver built to improve in-car entertainment and connectivity with a smartphone.

It comes with handy features you might expect, such as built-in Bluetooth for audio streaming and hands-free calling, video/audio playback from DVD/USB sources, a backup camera ready, and more.

Support Android Music

If your Android device runs OS version 4.0 or later, you can connect it to the AVH-120BT. Then, you can listen to music stored on your phone without an app.

It allows you to enjoy basic features, such as REW, FF, Pause, Play, Repeat, Random Play, and view Metadata information such as artist, album name, and track.

Audio Streaming and Hands-Free Calling via Bluetooth

It is easy to pair the AVH-120BT with your Bluetooth-enabled phone without complicated settings.

When your registered Bluetooth device is near this receiver, they will automatically pair with each other.

So, the AVH-120BT receiver will make life in your vehicle much more convenient. Here are the things you can get from the built-in Bluetooth of the AVH-120BT:

  • From hands-free calling
  • Excellent call quality.
  • Wireless audio streaming with song, album, and artist search
  • Browse music libraries on the smartphone wirelessly.

Back-up Camera Ready

The backup camera unit allows you to add a reverse camera that supports rear visibility, parking, or towing.

Pioneer AVH 120BT Wiring Diagram

Pick a Proper Wiring Adapter

Before incorporating an AVH 120BT unit into your vehicle, it is essential to prepare a proper wiring adapter that allows you to install your new device into your vehicle’s electronic system.

A wiring adapter offers a safe and solid platform for installing a new unit into your car’s existing stereo. You can purchase a wiring adapter online or at local electronic or auto-parts stores.

Wire Color Coding

After getting a decent wiring adapter, it is time to connect the harness to your new adapter. This step requires you to comply with the correct color coding to ensure you create long-lasting and secure connections.

The good news is that the AVH 120BT receiver uses the standard wiring harness. That means its connections are straightforward.

Here is a quick rundown of Color Code:

  • Red wire: It is an accessory. This wire switches on when igniting your car or with the key. This connection will trigger the head unit to enable.
  • Black wire: This wire is utilized as the ground, needing to correspond with the ground wire from the car.
  • Yellow wire: This constant 12-Volts wire will connect directly to your battery. It delivers power to your memory backup and head unit.
  • Blue wire: It works as a remote turn-on cable. This wire produces 12V out like power leads.
  • Orange wire: It is the illumination/dimmer lead. It connects to a lighting terminal and usually is 12V.
  • Light green leads: This wire connects to the brake switch to track the parking brakes’ status.
  • Speaker wire: Here are the connections for speakers, including:
    • The purple wire for your right rear speakers
    • The gray wire for your right front channels
    • The speaker wire for your left front channels
    • Green speaker wire for your left rear speakers

Wiring The AVH 120BT

Once you have a good understanding of the wire color-coding, it is time to create individual connections.

Step 1: You should start by cutting the leads to the proper length and making the harness match behind the dash.

Step 2: Tape the power wires (such as red, black, and yellow wires) together to make the speaker connections easier and gain a clean appearance. After that, trim your heat shrink tubes.

Step 3:  Insert heat shrink tubes. Then start solder connections, beginning with power leads, the speaker leads, and eventually the remaining wires.

Step 4: Tape the harness. It will be effortless to put it behind the dash. Then, you can connect one end to the car while the other to your AVH 120BT receiver.

Step 5: Check out your unit to tell if it is functioning correctly. Plugging in your harness and checking out power leads is best if your unit doesn’t turn on.

Also, we recommend using a decent voltmeter to ensure that the constant and accessory wires are 12V.

Warnings And Tips

Pioneer AVH 120BT wiring diagram
  • Do not install the AVH 120BT receiver if:
    • The wiring obstructs the functioning of your vehicle’s safety systems like safety airbags.
    • The leads might interfere with your vision or the ability to drive.
  • Avoid routing the wires where they are exposed to very high humidity or temperatures. If not, the insulation’s leads will become heated and wear off, leading to permanent damage or malfunctioning.

That said, avoid areas near the air conditioner, heater, or areas that let your wires be exposed to direct rain or sunlight.

  • Avoid shortening and cutting the leads. If not, your wires may fail to perform as expected.
  • Wrap any loose leads to ensure that they do not injure you or your passengers if your vehicle stops abruptly.
  • Lastly, test your wiring to make sure that anything is installed correctly.


Can I Install the AVH 120BT Receiver Without a Wiring Adapter?

 Yes. But it gets more complicated for standard DIYers.

Can I Switch the Connected Bluetooth Devices on My AVH 120BT Receiver?

 It is possible to switch among your connected Bluetooth devices utilizing the switch devices key in the Bluetooth menu.

Registering up to three Bluetooth devices on the AVH 120BT receiver is possible, and you can only connect one device as hands-free phoning.

Moreover, the hands-free phoning feature is changed when switching your connected device through Bluetooth.

What Is the Effective Distance Between the AVH 120BT Receiver and My Device?

The sight distance between your phone and this product should be ten meters or less.

Does the AVH 120BT Receiver Come With Video Output?

The answer is Yes. The AVH 120BT receiver allows you to explore video and audio playback while relaxing in the vehicle.

It lets you listen to or watch playback from DVDs, USB sources, and more.

The Bottom Line

We’ve just walked you through how to wire the Pioneer AVH 120BT to your vehicle. Overall, it’s a simple process that does not require much effort and time. However, you must follow this guide to ensure everything works properly.