How Much Does A Trumpet Cost?

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How Much Does A Trumpet Cost

A prevailing wind instrument in the 1920s was the trumpet. In addition to jazz, people often employ it in symphony groups.

But, how much does a trumpet cost? For professional instruments, prices may easily reach $10,000, but they can also be as little as $200.

Today’s manufacturers of brass and wind instruments are active in the market.

The distinction between the premium trumpets and the entry-level trumpets has been reduced.

This post will go through the factors influencing a trumpet’s total cost.

Let’s get going!

How Much Does A Trumpet Cost?

How much do you have to pay for a trumpet (Photo)
  • Beginner trumpets typically cost between $400 and $1,200.
  • Intermediate or step-up trumpets cost between $1,200 and $2,300,
  • Professional trumpets, which are still used by advanced students, cost between $2,400 and more.

The trumpets are well-liked wind instruments, notably in the 1920s. Louis Armstrong used this instrument to demonstrate its majesty and elegance during the era of jazz.

Besides jazz, people also frequently use them in symphony and wind bands. Brass and wind instruments were costly in the initial days of the jazz age. Extremely pricey high-end ones are available.

However, today’s manufacturers of brass and wind instruments are active in the market. They have reduced the distinction between the premium trumpets and the entry-level ones.

Because of this trend, beginners can now buy and check out the trumpet.

Cost of Different Types Of Trumpets

Different types of trumpets will have different prices. Take a look at some of the more popular ones below.

Marching Band Trumpet

There are trumpets designed for the genre in addition to the Bb trumpet. Using a marching band trumpet as an instance would be excellent.

The manufacturer made a specifically strengthened durability into a Marching Bb Trumpet. It is more durable and can handle long practice sessions, rough terrain, and marching band concerts than the regular trumpet.

It will be worth considering this Marching Band Trumpet if you plan on attending marching band performances. They have many similar quality aspects as the intermediate kind.

The high grade of the materials utilized accounts for the significant variation. About $1,500 and more is the price range for marching band trumpets.

Higher Pitched Trumpets

Nowadays, finding C trumpets is not that difficult. The tuning is one whole note higher than the Bb model. It has a place in the ensemble and performs admirably with the Bb trumpet.

This sort of trumpet’s entry-level model could cost twice as much as its Bb equivalents. There are a few additional notes above C and trumpets with higher pitches. E and D/Eb trumpets, excellent lead instruments in the orchestra, are simple to find.

Before scaling up the more complex models for novices, you may want to develop a better working knowledge of the Bb.

These types are rare, costing anywhere between $500 and $5,000. Because they are professional instruments and uphold their quality, they are not inexpensive.

Why Do Trumpets Cost So Much?

Why is a trumpet expensive

You should be ready to pay money if you wish to play the tuba, trumpet, or anything in between.

As you may know, the trumpet is a kind of brass instrument. Although some brass instruments are reasonably priced, others aren’t precisely cheap.

It’s a positive factor that a superb brass instrument doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Due to the numerous metal components, expertise, and testing needed to ensure their excellent quality, trumpets are costly. A trumpet’s price could rise to $1,500 due to its brand name’s fame.

How Much Does An Old Trumpet Cost?

In addition to the brand, more elements undoubtedly affect the price when purchasing a second-hand trumpet than when buying a brand-new one.

For example, you should care about how old it is, what type it is, how the owner takes care of it, and if it is in good shape.

In detail, the prices for a used trumpet will be different among the player types.

The seller can set the price from $1100 to $1600 for professional players. It is cheaper than the new one.

It is more inexpensive for intermediate or beginning players because the price oscillates between $500 and $650.

What Is A Good Brand Of Trumpet To Buy?

On the market for trumpets, I am sure there will be thousands of different types.

The significant one is the Yamaha trumpets. It is also called the most expensive trumpet in the world because people use solid platinum to make it.

Since platinum is more expensive than gold, brass, or silver, the Yamaha trumpet was much more pricey. None of the platinum oxidizes. It won’t lose its shine if you don’t polish it.

Another advantage of owning one is that platinum trumpets are lighter than silver or brass trumpets.

The only disadvantage of this brand is that the $125,000 Yamaha trumpet has a similar sound to a trumpet that is less than $5000.

The following video will reveal the best 5 Trumpets for beginners.


Getting advice when choosing the ideal instrument for your musical requirements is advisable from a music educator or reputable music shop.

If you could have a professional musician with you when you purchase your first instrument, that would be fantastic.

I have addressed the question “how much does a trumpet cost?” in this post, which I hope you find useful.