Do Do Dodododo: What Is This Song?

Have you ever had a few melodies stuck in your head but couldn’t identify the song that contained them? If yes, you are not alone!

Even with the help of the Google search engine, identifying a song is daunting if all you have is a short melody or tempo.

One of the most common questions on forums about this topic is which song contains “Do Do Dodododo” beats or melodies.

While that’s too little information to identify a song, maybe we have what you need. So keep reading to get answers.

Which Song Contains “Do Do Dodododo” Melody or Tempo?

If the song you’re looking for is a melancholy and slow piece, it could be a version of Chopin’s “Funeral March.” But if it is a techno piece with pitch variations, “Sandstorm” by Darude might be what you are looking for.

If you use a search engine like Google to search for songs with the “do do dododo” beat or tempo, the first result you will get is “The Police.” This band recorded the song “De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da” in November 1980.

Sting, the song’s author, created it as a satire about how many people prefer simple-sounding songs.

Although the band “The Police” re-recorded this song in 1986, this remake was not released until 1995s. This band has received numerous criticisms about the composition of this song, and the author said it’s misunderstood.

The goal of this song is to refer to how words are abused in songs. The songwriter Sting has compared his work to the tunes’ popularity like “Da Doo Ron Ron” or “Do Wah Diddy Diddy.”

This song’s lyrics aim to make a hook instead of leaving a message for listeners to understand.

The songwriter Sting said that the title content was inspired by something his little one said one day. Ultimately, the song peaked at number ten on the Billboard charts.

Might It Be The Hamster Song?

While the Hamster song does not feature the traditional “do do dodododo” tempo usually associated with the catchy hook, it also has a significant similarity that is enough to be what some people are looking for.

In the late 1990s, this song was written for GeoCities, a website hosting service that started in 1994 and has been publishing pages for free.

For the original song, you will see various little critters dancing in many ways when loading the page. Deidre LaCart created it, and it is possible to find the mirror for the page at some online locations.

Various people do not notice that the original melody comes from the soundtrack of the cartoon “Robin Hood” (1973).

What Happens  If the Song Has a Classical Vibe to It?

If you are looking for something that features the classic vibe with the “do do dodododo” rhythm, “Funeral March” or “Marche Funebre” by Chopin might be what you expect.

Chopin has included four movements in his work that he completed while he lived in George Sand’s home (Paris).

His third movement was famous as the funeral march, which Chopin composed around two years before he completed the remaining things for the piece.

Relying on the repetition and tempo of performers for “Piano Sonata No. 2,” it’d take almost half an hour to complete.

Nowadays, it is often performed at funerals. Moreover, it is the ceremonies’ essential part of Chopin’s remembrance.

Numerous global pianists released various commercial recordings over the centuries, with the earliest releases in 1928. Also, some greatly acclaimed editions, such as one from G. Henle Verlag, are available.

What Happens If the Song Is Techno and from the 1990s?

There was one period within the 1990s when techno music returned with a vengeance.

It was one short time in the decade after the end of the ska revival, and people were attempting to move on from the heavy grunge revival.

At the time, Darude (one Finnish record producer and DJ) released one instrumental named “Sandstorm.”  The song was the lead single from Darude’s debut album.

It was also one of the first songs to be released globally as an MP3 file, and then it continues to exist as one Internet meme.

The Darude record producer has experimented with various electronic equipment at this time, generating a following by creating the  MP3 artist page.

It is often included in action sequences in some TV shows and movies. A few materials slow the tune down for the sad scenes due to its unique hook.

How to Identify Songs Using Melody?

Do Do Dodododo: What Is This Song?
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Method 1: Remember on Your Own

If you have a melody in mind, you should try to recall if you remember something else alongside it.

Did a catchy rhythm or lyric impress you? Of course, the melody is the easiest to remember, but you will have an excellent chance to identify the song if you recollect more details.

You can visit the last area you heard the song to bring other details to light. We recommend returning to the area, ideally at the same time of day you heard this song, and imagine yourself hearing the melody.

It applies not only to physical spaces. So, for example, if you listen to a song on one web, you can return to this web again.

Method 2: Use Technology

Various sites, apps, programs, and communities exist, specifically designed to identify music.

WatZatSong and Midomi are excellent areas to meet people with interest and experience in identifying music.

You can also use virtual piano keyboards to identify the melody on some online websites, most notably Musipedia and Folk Tune Finder.

If you have music training, you can input the notes through notation (C#, C, D, etc.). It is also a selection of sites like Themefinder and JC ABC Tune Finder.

Method 3: Get Help from Someone

You can also hum or play this melody with someone knowledgeable about music. Chances are they’ll help you identify the song you’re looking for.

Wrapping It Up

So which song contains the “do do dodododo” melody or tempo? If the song you’re looking for is not listed here, we fear the result might be almost anything.

Nowadays, with so much information on the internet, finding a song is not always easy if you only have a short melody or tempo.

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