10 Best Playboi Carti Songs of All Time, Ranked

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Playboi Carti, whose real name is Jordan Terrell Carter, is so famous that he has had to be featured by Vogue. This musician was born in the US state of Georgia in 1996. He first tried his hand at music in 2011 when he adopted the stage name Sir Cartier and released a mixtape by the name of “Young Misfit” in 2012. Today, you can find the best Playboi Carti songs all over the internet.

Carti was first recognized on the national music scene in 2015 when he released the song “Broke Boi” under the alias “Playboi Carti”. Two years later, he was propelled to national and international fame by music from his 2017 mixtape, which featured well-known musicians, among them ASAP Rocky.

1. Magnolia

Among the most popular Playboi Carti songs is “Magnolia”, which was released in 2017. Soon, this song gained immense popularity in the US and beyond. In the song, Carti portrays a very familiar New York scene, where the game of cat and mouse between drug dealers and the police is prevalent. Magnolia is a place in Texas, a state known for its love for guns.

Where the music scene is marked by drug use and peddling, the men must pull in women. Hence, you find Carti using phrases like, “Bitches on me (what? Bih) say she like my clothing (yeah)”. His bragging in the song is not confined to his capacity to hold a shootout with the police, as expressed in the phrase, “Shootin’ like a soldier”; but it extends to his prowess to engage famous women. He notes that “All of my bitches, they rich”; and this is a way of indicating he is highly sought after.

2. Woke Up Like This

It is very easy to sing along to “Woke Up Like This”, even if you are not usually drawn to rap music. This song, whose release date was April 7, 2017, also features Lil Uzi Vert, a highly tattooed US rapper whose real name is Symere Woods.

In this song, Playboi Carti not only acknowledges that he has become a successful musician but that he is a big influence on his black folk. You can discern this notion from phrases like “I’ma rockstar; Woke up to niggas talking like me”.

3. Shoota

In “Shooter”, Carti makes it known he now considers himself an all-round success. He brags that he can now afford expensive jewelry, and even girls who would never text him before are now offering themselves to him.

This newly acquired pride is evident in phrases like “Got them rocks, diamond rocks” and “She ain’t used to text me; Now she wanna caress me”. This song is contained in the album “Die Lit”.

4. Sky

Another of the Playboi Carti songs that continue to soar in popularity is “Sky”, which Carti uses to show the vanity of drug use. He paints a vivid picture of how he hooks up with a female friend, who, nevertheless, makes it clear she is not interested in a relationship. He notes that this friend is not only interested in his money but that she also sleeps around with other moneyed men.

In the end, he portrays himself as being lonely, where he just wants to remain indoors and continue to partake in drugs. The most telling phrases in this portrayal include, “Finna cut off that bitch, I told my boy”, “Go roll like ten blunts for me”, and “I’m way too high”.

5. R.I.P.

Playboi Carti is talking about having aggressive sex under the influence of drugs in his song, “R.I.P.”; and in a country like the US, where the use of drugs is prevalent within the entertainment circles, many fans can relate.

However, although this song from the album, “Die Lit”, became popular very fast, becoming number 3 on the Billboard Chart 200, there was some controversy surrounding its release. The gist of the controversy was the use of lyrics that intimated the singer had no qualms about perpetrating violence on women. Some of the controversial phrases include, “Got me mad as shit, so I slapped that bitch”.

According to music analysts, the singer has manifested a greater leaning toward punk music than mainstream pop.

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6. Top

The song “Top” is another of Playboi Carti’s songs in the “Die Lit” album. In the song, Carti seems to brag about his success, as portrayed in the dominating phrases, “I’m on the top of the building”.

He also addresses his apparent pet topic, which is making love when high on drugs. Here, he goes further to indicate that he is not the only one intoxicated, but his girlfriend too. He says, “I get that dope that she likes”.

7. Location

As in many of his songs, Playboi Carti’s makes it known in the song “Location”, that he is a successful artist who now dons expensive jewelry and associates with the popular clique. He also speaks of owning expensive cars like the Bentley and the Mercedes Benz and brags about his capacity to protect himself.

Carti uses expressions like “You cannot hop in my car; Bentley coupe riding with stars” and “I keep a Glock like a cop”.

8. FlatBed Freestyle

In the song “FlatBed Freestyle” Carti dwells on his now familiar topic of frolicking with women while under the influence of drugs. So popular are songs with such lyrics among American youth that some scholars have made it a point to study their impact. According to a 2008 report by RollingStone magazine, 33% of songs popular in the US carry explicit lyrics, while 42% point at drug abuse.

9. Top 5

The song “Top 5”, by Playboi Carti is part of the album “Whole Lotta Red”, which was released as 2020 was coming to an end.

Carti does not put a lot of emphasis on drugs and women in this song, though he does mention them. Instead, he addresses women who seek his company even when they are brilliant enough to take up independent careers.

He makes note that he has risen from poverty to affluence, but he is not stupid enough to be duped by the many women who want to pass as friends while eyeing his money.

10. Fell in Love

It is very easy to be carried away by the song “Fell in Luv” by singer Playboi Carti if you have fallen in love with someone. He speaks of cutting off all prior romantic relationships and concentrating on his newfound love. Moreover, he reckons he now does not need to find solace in pills.

Among the most telling phrases in the song’s lyrics are, “close the shades. I’m off the pills”. Fell in Love is one of the songs on the album “Die Lit” that was released in 2018, and it runs for slightly less than three and a half minutes.

The success of Playboi Carti as a musician is not pegged solely on his release of relatable albums; rather, he has also taken it upon himself to engage his fans by going on music tours. Nevertheless, he has at times found himself on the wrong side of the law.

In April 2020, police found him in possession of marijuana and other prohibited drugs, as well as three guns, but he was lucky to be released on bond the following day.

It is correct to refer to Carti as a prolific singer, and so anyone interested in identifying the 10 best Playboi Carti songs will find a wide range from which to choose.

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