10 Best Mac Miller Love Songs all Time, Ranked

Best Mac Miller Love Songs

One of the US sons who left an indelible mark on the music scene was Mac Miller, an alumnus of Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh. He was only 15yrs of age in 2007 when he began his career as a rapper.

There are six studio albums credited to Mac Miller and two compiled from live performances. Most of the songs on these albums ended up being a great success, and we are going to sample a few of them on the list below.

1. Dang

The song, “Dang”, which is part of Mac Miller’s album, “The Divine Feminine” is uplifting when you listen to it, and it is also very danceable. Although, on the face of it the song portrays a situation where the singer’s lover has abandoned him, Miller disclosed in a 2016 interview that when he wrote the song, he had in mind people whose loved ones had passed away.  

Mac Miller, who was born in 1992 in the US state of Pennsylvania, and whose real name is Malcolm James McCormick, released Dang in 2016. Going by the continuing soaring popularity of the song, we can conclude that the song will remain one of the best Mac Miller love songs for a very long time.

2. Donald Trump

When Mac Miller released the song “Donald Trump” in 2011, long before Trump became the president of the US, it became an instant hit. In the song, Miller mirrors the monetary success of Trump when he was in the limelight hosting the program “The Apprentice” a TV show aired by NBC. The song also has references to Trump’s apparent notoriety for unsavory relationships with women.  

While Trump seemed impressed and excited when people kept on calling him on the song’s release, observing that its online views had exceeded twenty million, he sounded a little sour two years later when he noted that the way Miller had portrayed him in the song was not particularly flattering, yet its views had by then soared to more than seventy-five million.

3. Blue World

It is easy to see from the lyrics of the song “Blue World” that Mac Miller would sometimes experience dull feelings, and he would also be disillusioned with the things he heard people say about him and his buddies.

This song was released in 2020, and with the knowledge that Mac Miller died of a drug overdose in 2018, though accidental, you can appreciate the spirit of the song with more clarity.

4. Weekend

Mac Miller included the song “Weekend” on his third album labeled, “GO: OD AM” and like many of his earlier songs, it became an instant hit.

Anyone who pays attention to the lyrics cannot help but sympathize with the pressure young musicians experience, working all week long to perfect their act. You can see how anxious the singer is for the weekend to come so that he can get an opportunity to release the built-up tension. Meanwhile, he tries to find escape through drugs and promiscuity, but both escapades can only give him temporary relief.

5. Self Care

Mac Miller’s song, “Self Care” contains beats and a tone very nice to listen to. Nevertheless, one cannot fail to empathize with the singer’s predicament as expressed in the song. He expresses a feeling of entrapment, his video showing him lying in a coffin and lighting up a cigarette. He then proceeds to scribble on the coffin wall words to the effect that death is inevitable.

This song is not only popular for its nice hip hop beats but also for its effectiveness in expressing the struggles that young people addicted to drugs continue to deal with. Fans get to empathize with young successful musicians for the challenging social life they experience, the harsh reality of which Mac Miller has so effectively expressed.

6. My Favorite Part

In the song “My Favorite Part” Mac Miller collaborates with another popular singer, Ariana Grande, whom he later dated. Although the song is a reflection of the love that a couple shared, where the girl was very modest about her attractiveness, Miller said in an interview with the magazine, People, that he and Grande had not begun dating when he wrote the song.  

The lyrics of this song are so endearing and relatable, with phrases like “I’m gon’ be your lover” and “We ain’t in a hurry, rushin’ into love”, that it is not surprising it has remained among the best Mac Miller love songs.

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7. Good News

Contrary to what you may be tempted to think about the title, “Good News”, the song is not a delivery of any pleasant news. It is a reference to the kind of news people around the singer always want to hear. They shun the idea of him expressing his true feelings, in particular the feelings of depression and restlessness.

This is another of those songs of Miller’s that resonates very well with many young people in the US, especially those whose careers in the entertainment industry have blossomed. It was the first of the songs produced posthumously after Miller’s accidental demise in 2018.

8. Hand Me Downs

In this song, “Hand Me Downs” Mac Miller exposes his inner struggles as he tries to battle drug addiction. He continued to produce hit songs that earned him immense amounts of money, yet there was no genuine joy in his life.

In this song, which is part of the album titled “Circles”, Miller uses phrases like “the screws they go missing” and “you need more of a family ‘round”, which underline the unsettled feeling that has overwhelmed him. He did not feel normal and he had lost his sense of belonging. People who are losing the flavor of life due to social pressures and depression find the song a good mouthpiece for them.

9. What’s the Use

If there was someone genuine about his struggles with addiction, it was the youthful hip-hop singer Mac Miller. The song “What’s the Use” is among many other songs that he used to lay bare his struggles.

It is, in fact, not an overstretch to say that anyone unfamiliar with the extent to which drug addiction has pervaded society will be thoroughly informed through Miller’s songs. And with this information, youngsters and newbies in the entertainment industry may be duly guided.

Of great note, too, is that even as you empathize with the singer for the frustration he expresses, you cannot help but appreciate the effort he makes to entertain his fans with his great rapping prowess; and uplift them with the danceable beats and rhythm of the song.

10. Objects in the Mirror

The cool lyrical voice of Mac Miller, as he delivers his message in the song, “Objects in the Mirror”, draws the listener’s attention and you want to listen to him as long as he continues singing.

Probably the other reason this song is so popular, besides Miller’s alluring voice, is the theme of the song – love. Miller sings about the girl he wants in his life and confesses he is unable to get her out of his mind. Needless to say, love is a universal theme that is bound to resonate with fans irrespective of their social or economic backgrounds.

Mac Miller, who died at the age of twenty-nine, was a gem in the music arena, not just in the US but across the world.

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